Mansfield Pony Club

To encourage young people to ride and learn to enjoy all approved kinds of sport connected with horse and riding


Mansfield Showgrounds
Mt Battery Road




Pony Club is a youth movement and uses the horse as a focal point of interest to train its members in the aims and objectives. The Pony Club member must learn to understand and care for their pony, while at the same time learning to improve their riding skills. 

The Pony Club – What it Does 

It provides an environment in which a young rider can find knowledge and mutual friendship with other riders.

It encourages participation by providing all members with the opportunity to be involved in riding activities, regardless of their riding ability or the quality of their mounts.

The safety, happiness and enjoyment of its members are of prime concern.

The need for young people to use their leisure time constructively is fulfilled as a great deal of time is involved in owning and caring for a horse or pony.

It is also a social club – bringing together girls and boys of all ages with a common interest. 

Mansfield Pony Club