Senior years at secondary school can be hard work without having to add in finding all of the resources yourself.  We’ve searched high and low, asked past students and found some great information to help you out.  

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)

All up to date information for students studying VCE.  Study Designs, exam dates and more.  Bookmark this one!

International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB)

Everything you need to know to stay up to date with IB information.


RESN is a not-for-profit which provides free, online tutoring for regional and rural students provided by a team of passionate VCE, HSC, QCE and IB graduates.


The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) is the central office that administers the application processes for places in tertiary courses, scholarships and the Special Entry Access Scheme at universities, TAFEs and independent tertiary colleges in Victoria (and a few outside Victoria). 

Other Stuff…

Sometimes you need information about other things – how to access bursaries, camps for senior kids and more.  We’ll keep adding them here as we find them.

Student scholarships

Education department student scholarships

Scholarships are payments to help with the cost of your child’s education.
They’re generally offered based on:

  • financial need or difficulties
  • your child’s school results
  • school and community activities your child takes part in.
  • Most scholarships offered are for Victorian government school students. A small number are also open to non-government school students.


    VCE Summer School (VCESS) is a two-week tutoring program that takes place in January and aims to help VCE students from a range of backgrounds gain a head start on their final years of secondary education. The program has a particular focus on creating a healthy study-life balance, and providing tutoring on the widest range of subjects. In fact, we have tutors for each and every VCE subject you’re taking, no matter how small the subject may be. 

    University of Melbourne Summer School

    Big Camp Somers


    The aim of Big Camp is to challenge the perspectives that young people hold about themselves and others. Through introducing 100 young men and 100 young women aged 16.5 – 18 years to a broad range of peers, we help dismantle social barriers through an increased understanding and acceptance of diversity. Throughout the challenging week participants’ work together to compete as a team, push their boundaries and develop friendships. Leaving with a greater understanding of their own and others’ potential, participants gain new insights into how they can make a positive impact on their communities.

    Big Camp

    Bendigo Bank Scholarships


    Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is committed to supporting young people through various initiatives, including our annual scholarship program. Each year scholarships are awarded to first year tertiary students studying at an Australian university or college campus for the first time.

    You Thrive Victoria


    Welcome to Youthrive Victoria (formerly Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation). We want all young rural people to have great lives and our purpose is to strengthen rural communities by supporting, empowering and developing young people. We believe in the power of collaboration. Join us as a participant or supporter as we redefine rural possibilities. Scholarships available for Tertiary and Vocational study

    You Thrive Victoria


    ATAR Notes aims to increase the accessibility of high-quality educational materials to students both in terms of affordability and ease of access for regional students across Australia.

    We offer free educational services such as high-quality downloadable study notes, subject lectures, revision videos, helpful articles, a podcast and Australia’s largest student forum. With all of the high quality free education and study resources offered, we hope that no one anywhere is barred from achieving their dream ATAR and preferred university course.

    Atar Notes

    Big Camp Somers


    At Access Education our aim is to provide you with the best tools for VCE whether you’re a student or teacher

     Lectures for students

    ACCESS VCE Summer School, Mid-Year Lectures, Units 3 & 4 End of Year Exam Revision Lectures and Essential English Day… all scheduled at the best times during your VCE year.

     VCE Challenge App for students, teachers and schools

    ACCESS Unit 3 & 4 VCE revision using our Daily Challenge App. Have fun while revising anywhere, anytime!

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